Engagements Gallery

Before the wedding, there is the engagement. And, for your photographer, the engagement session.

Why do we say “for your photographer”? Because as cool as it is for the engaged couple to go and shoot some awesome engagement images, ones to be framed for their parents, a few for themselves, one maybe one for the Save The Date card, your photographer has another motive, or at least the professional photographer has. We certainly do at Venture Photography.

We want to work with you. To see what your strengths are. To avoid any weaknesses. It would be foolish and short sighted for us to photograph you for the first time on your wedding day, to later discover that you left side is not your best side. It’s too late at that point. An engagement session for us is a hugely beneficial trial run. We want to see what makes you look your best, and more importantly, we want to find you what you like the most. After the session, we will sit down and look through the engagement photos to get your feedback.

Another big benefit is that when your wedding rolls around, you are much more relaxed in front of our cameras, because you have already gotten over your nervousness with us. If you are relaxed, your engagement photos will be better.  It’s such an important exercise. Please enjoy our engagements gallery.

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