Julie & Jason’s Wedding


Julie & Jason’s Wedding. Julie and Jason had an absolutely stunning wedding!  Their ceremony was at Kirk In The Hills in Bloomfield Hills – and it was just amazingly beautiful!  We really enjoyed getting to work with Julie and Jason and we wish them the best!

Joanna & Paul’s Wedding


Joanna & Paul’s Wedding. Joanna & Paul had an amazing wedding at The Ritz (or now The Henry) a few weeks ago.  They were super fun to be around all day and they really made the day a pleasure for us!  They are both really sweet and it was obvious to us that they have… [Read More]

Baby Ashton


Baby Ashton. This must be the time for having boys! Three of our friends have had boys very recently, the most recent of which is this little cutie – Ashton! If you look further back in our posts you will probably see his parents wedding (Stephanie & Steven) in there – so it’s been a… [Read More]

Baby B


Baby B. If you saw our post a few months ago about Mr. T, this is his new baby brother! Unfortunately the newborns have been giving us a run for our money lately and have not been overly cooperative (I think it’s the boys, all the girl newborns we have ever done were super easy!)…. [Read More]

Ayana & Tajuan


Ayana & Tajuan. We definitely had an interesting session with Ayana and Tajuan. Aside from the weather being totally unpredictable and changing every five seconds (from no rain to rain and back), we also got to get acquainted with some of Detroit’s seedier characters…yeah, there’s a story there, but I’ll just leave it at that… [Read More]

Kelly & KimJohn’s Engagement


Kelly & KimJohn. We went out with Kelly & KimJohn to do their engagement session a couple of weeks ago and we had a total blast with them! Any couple that’s willing to get into a fountain and get all wet for the sake of the pictures is definitely cool by us! Thanks guys –… [Read More]