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What Our Clients Say

Stacey and Hugh of Venture Photography were amazing to work with. They were friendly, professional and are true artists. Everyone raved about them! The photos I’ve seen so far are amazing! Best photographers around by far!

Lindsay & Matt

It was a pleasure working with Stacey and Hugh from Venture Photography. They were extremely helpful and very easy to work with from the initial planning stages, engagement photos, wedding day and post wedding album completion.

We felt confident that our wedding pictures would turn out great and were not disappointed. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for quality work.

Venture Client

Venture Photography is an outstanding example of quality photography and customer service.

In my past experiences, photography sessions can be very awkward (like prom, homecoming, etc…), however Stacey and Hugh have the ability to make it engaging, fun, and something you don’t want to end.

They really care about your vision and making your day come to life. Most of the other photographers we met with were very arrogant and only talked about themselves and their ideas, which gave me a bad gut feeling. I have heard too many times that people are unhappy with their photographers on their special day because they dictate the shots.

I really liked how Stacey and Hugh listened to our input and integrated it with some of their ideas which made for some really great and memorable shots. I’d encourage anyone who is looking to get photographs taken, wether it be your kids, your wedding, your headshots, etc….to meet with Venture and go over their portfolios along with your ideas.

We are forever thankful to Stacey and Hugh for capturing our special day and putting an artistic spin that could not have been matched by anyone else in the industry. We look forward to working with Venture Photography for years to come!

Eric and Maria Jurinic

While there are many girls who grow up and imagine their perfect wedding and each little detail, I wasn’t one of them.

When Hugh and Stacey welcomed me into their home just so we could get to know each other and find out what I was looking for – I was completely overwhelmed and had no idea what I wanted or needed.

They patiently spent time with myself and my husband through each meeting, email, phone call and text to help make sure our day was perfect. Not only was photography well covered, they helped us plan the timeline for the day to make sure everything went smoothly.

Our friends and family were so impressed that my sister-in-law even got her family photos done by them. They are not only professional, but warm and caring for their clients and I am thrilled at how lovely our photos turned out!

Venture Client

Dear Stacey and Hugh,

we saw your pictures and your website, and we instantly knew. First of all, it was such a pleasure working with you two. We didn’t know much about what kind of photography we wanted for our wedding, but after that we wanted to have you as our photographers. We seemed to have so many things in common and after meeting you guys, we just knew we liked you guys from the start. You guys have such a talent for capturing the moment.

We felt like the package captured everything we wanted for a good price. Also, being an out of town couple, you guys were so flexible in making sure we found a good location to take our pictures for our engagement session, and we couldn’t be happier with the pictures. We went into the session thinking, we’ll just use a couple photos for the wedding; we did not intend to get a whole book of pictures from our engagement session, but after looking at the photos, it was hard not to because they were all so great. We love our albums!photography that it really blows our minds away. You two are such fun loving people who love their job and are really good at capturing memories. I still cant stop looking at our engagement and wedding pictures because they are so beautiful!

Although the day of the wedding was super chaotic, you guys were so calm at getting us from place to place and being patient with us and the bridal party in taking multiple, creative shots. One thing that I have to point out is how phenomenal the slide show at the wedding was. We loved all the pictures and so did our guests. Those pictures took our breath away. It was really nice to see everything that happened that day because in our eyes it was a blur; we got to see everything from getting ready with the bridal party at the hotel to the ceremony and family pictures. I had no idea how beautiful it all looked until after I saw it on the slide show. Our family and guests could not stop talking about how great the pictures were and clearly saw your talent through the photos.

Thank you sooooo much for being a part of our special day and capturing it all in a beautiful way. We loved working with you!!!

Paul and Joanna Chang

Where do I begin? It took me quite awhile to write this to you, 2 years to be exact, but let me tell you that in these past couple of years I STILL have people talking about my wedding photography. It truly amazes me.

To future and prospective clients of Venture Photography, when it came to my wedding details, photography was really the most important. When the awaited BIG day is done and over, what are you left with? A dress, that awkwardly fits into any closet, the top to your wedding cake, that tastes nasty after a year in your freezer, a dried up flower bouquet, that you are not quite sure where to put in your house, and a book of beautiful memories, that you can go back in time with year after year and walls adorned with pictures and canvases of one of the most memorable days of your life.

Oh yeah, how could I forget? Having your soul mate by your side for the rest of your life! 😉 In my opinion those first few little details didn’t even come close to my photography choice. So I researched… and I researched (trust me, you can ask my now husband how much I researched). And I found THE BEST in wedding photography.

Venture met and exceeded every one of my expectations. I wanted to be different with my photography, and I wanted my pictures to stand out and be memorable. I wanted that “WOW” factor, and I got it. I got a bit crazy with my ideas on where and how I wanted to do pictures, and Stacey and Hugh went right along, even taking it a step farther. Including stopping at Pet Smart to buy an aquarium on the way to my TTD shoot, so we could actually get pictures underwater! I was blown away that they were on the same page as me, and didn’t look at me like I was nuts.

If you are looking for exceptional photography, the kind that stands out above the rest and has people still raving years after, you have found your match. I can go on, and on about Venture, but their work speaks for itself.

Again, Stacey and Hugh, Thank-you so very much for EVERYTHING you have done for us. You are an amazing couple and both extremely talented, we were so proud to have you capture our special day and are now honored to have you as friends.

Jaclyn & Kevin M.

If we could only use one word to describe our relationship with Stacey and Hugh, their photography, and their professionalism, it would have to be AMAZING!

Our wedding photos were very important to us especially since we didn’t have a videographer. We had in essence put all of our eggs in one basket. We knew that some would consider this a risk, however, with Stacey and Hugh we found there was no risk at all. We couldn’t be happier with our decision and the results and are so pleased we put our trust in them. From the moment we met it was easy to see their chemistry and how well they worked together.

They have a lot of fun with pictures and have an amazing ability to capture the perfect shot. We love that we have a great mix of photos that were posed, and many that were not posed but simply Stacey and Hugh with the perfect eye and perfect timing. Our photos capture every moment and it is so wonderful to be able to have our album to look back on our special day.

Every time we show someone our album they are truly in love with the photos and compliment the remarkable job our photographers did. Also, our wedding day was so chaotic and we were running behind. They definitely were the calm in the storm and kept everything moving along. They work so fast.

From having the slideshow at the wedding, to getting you photos from your wedding within a week, to having the album completed in lighting speed, you will be amazed. Working with Stacey and Hugh is absolutely wonderful. We would recommend them to anyone, and do whenever we get a chance. Not only did we have amazing photographers, memories, and photos, we gained two friends.

We are now expecting our first child and I am so excited that we will have Venture Photography to capture our little ones smile. Thank you so much Stacey and Hugh for being you and giving us the wedding photos of our dreams.

Margaret W

My husband and I recently used Stacey and Hugh as the photographers for our wedding. They were great!

They made the timeline for the day ahead of time and made sure that everything on our wedding day went as planned out in the timeline. They took time to meet with us and get to know us as a couple and brought that into the pictures on our wedding day. They took some awesome photos of me and my husband.

We are going to have a hard time choosing which ones we want in our album. It is worth using their packages to get the most out of your memories of the wedding day, they will work with your budget. We also used them for our engagement photos, which was nice because then we all had practice before the wedding day and were comfortable with each other.

I would highly recommend Venture Photography for all of your photography needs- engagement, wedding and family!

Ashley D

I will write a proper “thank you testimonial letter” of your epic bad assery, when we get back. After spending the last two days reflecting on our wedding a few conclusions were reached. If I could have looked into a crystal ball, and seen the out come of our day, with every photographer from here to California, there is no way we could have picked better then you two.

You were both amazing, your talent as photographers is incredible. The helping in planning our timeline and keeping us on schedule, there is so much goodness to say I just don’t have the time to say it.

So thank you will have to do for now.

See you when we get back from Ireland!

P.S. It’s weird looking down when I type and seeing a ring.


Venture Photography did an AMAZING job capturing my engagement and wedding photos. Their portfolio displays true beauty. They are such talented photographers and it is evident in their work. They really value their clients and make sure the client is happy with the end products.

I highly recommend them because they are GREAT people to work with, offer an affordable price/package and produce phenomenal photos. I still look at my photos and remember the wedding like it was just yesterday.

Joanna C

We are so excited about our wedding pictures that we want to recommend Venture Photography to everyone!

From the very first meeting with Stacey & Hugh they went out of their way to make sure we got what we wanted. They were not pushing and never tried to sell us on anything we didn’t want. That was very much appreciated by us because we had other vendors that were less than easy to work with. Capturing the memories of our special day was not something we wanted to worry about and we didn’t have to worry with them.

On our wedding day we felt so comfortable around Stacey & Hugh, it was like having 2 more friends at our wedding. They were not intrusive but they got the shots we wanted and also captured a lot of real moments not only of us but our friends and family. They went with the flow when we weren’t sure where to take outdoor pictures and in the end, it was Stacey’s suggestion to stop at a place that resulted in some amazing shots.

After dinner when they put the slide show up, everyone was coming up to us telling us how great our photographers were. Everyone was telling me I looked like a model and our pictures looked like they were straight out of a magazine! What bride doesn’t love hearing that on their wedding day? We were so excited about what we saw at the reception that we could not wait to see all of our pictures, so you can imagine how thrilled we were to find all our photos online 2 days after we got home from our honeymoon!

We can’t stop looking at our beautiful photos and we can’t say enough good things about Stacey & Hugh. They are a pleasure to work with and they did an amazing job capturing the beauty of our wedding day! Thank you Stacey & Hugh!

Kristy & Pete

Venture Photography is a company that we would (and actively do) recommend again and again.

It was very clear from the first time that we met them that they are able to capture more than just pictures – they capture the moment. During our engagement session, it was very obvious that they truly loved photography and had a true desire to make us happy with our choice to have them photograph our wedding.

On our wedding day, they were respectful of our requests for specific shot though they usually were able to suggest one that turned out even better! It was the poses and locations that Stacey and Hugh suggested that turned out to be amongst our favorite records of our perfect day.

They managed to capture a “story” of our entire wedding day, filled with the emotions and the love that we and our guests shared. When showing our finished album masterpiece to friends and family, we continue to hear comments such as, “I’ve never seen pictures like this” and “This is the most unique and beautiful album I have ever seen”.

We are truly grateful to Venture Wedding Photography for documenting our wedding day in a way that was better than we could have even imagined.

Angela H

To say that we absolutely adore and love Stacey & Hugh would be an understatement!

We first met them when they captured beautiful images of my sister’s engagement & wedding in 2010. After seeing their work, they were the first vendor we committed to for our own engagement, traditional Korean wedding ceremony and wedding day in 2011!

Not only have they captured amazing images but they have also become our friends who have welcomed us into their home and lives! We started working with a vendor but ended up with another set of friends – friends who are committed, passionate, generous and dedicated to their work and our happiness!

We are so completely happy with our engagement and wedding pictures! I can vividly remember being shocked by the images they took and thinking, “These pictures make me look so much better!” They captured the images we wanted while also capturing significant moments.

A year after our engagement and months after our wedding, I can still look at the images and remember exactly how I felt and what I was thinking in each one. Their work does not only capture the picture but, more importantly, it encompasses the feeling and essence of each moment. Throughout the engagement, wedding planning, wedding day and even months after the wedding, Stacey & Hugh have been absolutely incredible!

When we were looking for other vendors for other aspects of our wedding, they gave recommendations for other people/companies they have worked with that have had rave reviews. When we were completely overwhelmed and at a loss for the type of feel we wanted for our wedding, they gave options and different ideas to help us make a better informed decision.

When things changed on the day of our wedding, they were more than flexible to fit what we needed and wanted to lessen the stress. When we struggled with our budget, they understood and worked with us so that we would be able to have what we wanted within what we could afford.

Even when we had questions about non-wedding related things, they went above and beyond to help us. Bottom line, they wanted us to be happy. We are so grateful for their friendship and the beautiful work they have done to capture significant parts of our lives. It has been a pleasure to work with them and get to know them over the years.

Thank you SO much for all that you have done for us and giving us (and our families!) the ability to relive these moments for the rest of our lives.

Eunice K

Thanks to Hugh and Stacey I have the most wonderful memories. My pictures are simply PERFECT!

And all of my Facebook friends agree – they are just wonderful! You get the best when you work with Venture. They are high energy and are after the BEST shot! You will be more than pleased with your engagement and wedding photos. I had a friend send my pics to her photographer after she received her engagement shots…she wanted her pictures to look like ours!

My other friend plans to book them after watching the slide show at our reception!

Ayana W