What We Do At Venture Photography

Great wedding photographers don't grow on trees! But how do you know when you have found someone who is great, whether that be truly great, or simply great for your own personal requirements?


There is a simple check you can make - ask to see the photographs from three recent weddings, in their entirety. That may be around 600 - 800 photographs per wedding. When you look at them, you will know if they are the photographer for you. This is the single most accurate check you can make - don't avoid it. If you are talking to someone who claims to be a top wedding photographer, and they can't, or wont, show you some recent weddings - run. Run as fast as you can!


Venture Photography specializes in what we will define as people photography. Weddings, portraits, families, seniors and headshots. Photographing people is truly what we love to do, and drawing out someones personality in a photograph is where the art lies.


Whether it's a portrait of a bride, a portrait of an executive, or a portrait of an engaged couple - it's still a portrait. The trick is knowing how to not only photograph people, but critically, how to pose them properly. The head, shoulders, hands and feet are all important components, even when a photograph is not full length.


Let's not forget light - no light, no photograph. The direction of light and quality of light dramatically change how someone will look in a portrait. The correct use of light, natural or artificial, defines the difference between a professional photographer and an amateur photographer. Make sure your chosen photographer is an expert in light!


It's easy to point a camera at someone and take a snap - indeed many people have ventured into the business of photography based on very little experience. Becoming a wedding photographer, for example, without the proper training can lead to disastrous results, and often does. Whatever type of photography you are interested in, look very closely at what is being offered by anyone you are considering to capture your memories.


Experience in the field of wedding photography, is paramount, but don't forget the need for good quality equipment. The wide range of amateur equipment now available means that people are starting photography businesses with cameras and lenses that simply are not capable of capturing high resolution files, no matter how good the photographer. If someone is cheap, there is usually a really good, and obvious, reason for that. Be careful.


Wedding Photography Consultations


Our consultations are completely free. The purpose of the meeting is to find out how your day is likely to flow, and because we have a lot of wedding experience, we are able to help draw your attention to a lot of things that you may not have even considered.


Once we have a good grasp of your requirements, we will suggest a package to suit. There is absolutely no pressure, and we wont be asking for any decisions. It's just a fun, informative chat.


For a consultation please fill out the Contact Form or call 248 890 6001

Some Photography Considerations


Weddings are, in our opinion, by far the most challenging area of people photography. There is just so much to cover! As well as making sure that all of the important shots are covered, there are all of the variables to take into account. Will the officiant be accommodating or difficult is a perfect example. Will the hair and make up girls get the bride and bridesmaids ready in time? If they are late, the whole day will now be running behind.


Then there is the weather of course. Taking a great photograph of a bride and groom, along with a bridal party that can often consist of over 20 people, takes skill. But if it's windy and raining? Now we are moving into the realms of serious creativity. It really does take a lot of expertise to work under such pressure, and to do it all day long. This is what we do at Venture Photography



An Engagement Session is much, much more important than most people imagine. Typically, it's just seen as a means to have a photo for a newspaper announcement, or perhaps a "save the date" card. Although these things all serve a purpose, let's examine a much more useful reason to take a little time to shoot that engagement session.


When we spend a couple of hours working with you on your engagement images it gives some very important benefits. First, you get to be a little more relaxed with us, we become more friendly with each other in this informal setting. Second, after a little while you relax in front of our lenses, which leads to better images. Third, it's a trial run, so we get to sit down with you later and examine your engagement images. This is critical if finding out the type of "look" and poses that you prefer.


So when your wedding day comes around, it's like being photographed by friends, you know the quality of images we will produce - your engagement images confirmed that. You are used to the equipment, you know we are getting poses that you prefer, and your more relaxed state results in better wedding photography. No matter what - have an engagement session!


High School Seniors

High School Seniors are really fun to photograph! They usually arrive with a few outfits, cool props and some awesome ideas about how they would like to be photographed. Once we add our input, a great session is always the result. You can bring along as many outfit changes as you want, and we are always on hand to offer opinions on what will work best in your chosen environment.



It's all about the eyes, well, almost always. A portrait with great eyes certainly captures your attention, and of course the correct light makes the masterpiece. It's extremely important that we have good quality images of ourselves, and our loved ones. You will never regret having a great portrait - ever.